Cheltenham’s Social Media Conference


Cheltenham’s social media conference, the #AddMe conference, will play host to some of the country’s most prominent social media speakers.

The conference has been set up by me as part of my role as CIPR Student Representative for the University of Gloucestershire. Open to students and businesses alike the #AddMe Conference aims to tackle the key questions of how to create, manage and utilise relationships online. To highlight the significance of creating relationships online keeps the #AddMe Conference open to a wide range of topics.

The conference will highlight the significance of creating relationships online and will explain the continually adapting communication landscape for industries. The evening will begin with a talk from David Phillips who is an active PR practitioner, has been involved in the communications landscape for 20 years and is the author of three books about online public relations. He will be followed by Alex Sass, named “Best of British: Entrepreneur” by Attitude Magazine and currently heading up the digital team at Renegade Media. He will cover methods of digital PR, social media marketing and a warning to the industry.

The keynote speaker of the evening will be Aren Grimshaw. His roles include lead organiser of the Cornwall Twestival events, founder of Cornwall Social Media Cafe, marketing director of Tonick Media, publisher of Business Cornwall and consultant to a range of clients. He is a regular speaker on the subject of social media and its role within business.

The event will take place at the University of Gloucestershire, Park Campus on Wednesday 10th March at 7.00pm until 10:30pm. Normal tickets cost £5 and student tickets cost £3 (using promo code STUDENTDISC). Refreshments will be available on the evening.

Further information and ticket sales can be found at:

You can also follow the event on Twitter:

A Casual Observer

Who is the casual observer? A more pressing question, would you actually recognise him? What form should we assume that the casual observer should take? Perhaps a tall man, sophisticated but baring a style not too different from the ordinary? Could this observer be a woman? Forbid the anger of a lady who is not pleased with the world she finds in her midst. Is it the job of the casual observer to intervene with events or let life run its course?

These are all questions which I have asked myself. With regards to worldly events there are two sorts of people. They can be categorised as those who are the centre of attention (of which most people fall into category) and those who simply observe. Once I thought to myself that those who are the focus have the fun and receive the recognition.

What can easily be forgotten though is that silence also has beauty. Whilst music is certainly necessary to heat the heart and churn the soul, silence is also essential. Make no mistake, the introverts are the ones to watch out for. A simple gaze could symbolise a moment of mere distraction but it is the thought which counts. Introverts have the ability to gaze into themselves and see the world from outside of the ordinary.

The casual observer sees life as a series of steps leading to a goal that is yet recognised by himself. Instead of looking ahead at his path he looks inwards to himself. This journey is not one concerning career, a search for happiness but a solution to their question. Some might say that the observer is seeking God. If God indicates the source of their answer then they would be right but otherwise God serves no purpose other than to irrationally satisfy a masked desire. The observer is not searching for a truth but instead an answer.

I sometimes feel like this observer. If you want to know what it feels like to be the casual observer visit a coffee shop you are not familiar with. Buy a coffee and gaze outwards through the shop windows and watch people walk by. See how some walk with purpose, others stroll hand in hand, children play and how the homeless lean covering their faces to avoid the chill. Some things can only be appreciated whilst you are still. Remember that whilst you watch the world walk by that your focus is not on the pavements but inside of yourself.

When I was younger I used to play a game. I would sit quite calmly and watch people walk by on the pavement. Occasionally I would focus on individual people but for the most part I would try to widen my vision to the maximum field. I would then proceed to remember each person who would walk by. Obviously not by name but by how they looked.

The casual observer will find themselves not in situations but witnessing situations. If you find this unusual blog post weird or nonsensical then it is certain that you are not an observer but a player. However, some people will read this post and understand exactly what I mean.

#AddMe Conference: Web 2.0 and Relationships

I have been naughty and published this article 2 days ahead of the main promotional period. Tickets are set to fly so if you want to come I highly recommend to jump the gun before the University starts promoting. Tickets can be purchased here.

For the last couple of months it has been in the making. On a few occasions I thought it would never happen… but now it is official!


Wednesday 10th March 2010, 7pm – 11pm, marks the date of the #AddMe Conference. Founded by myself as part of my role as CIPR Student Representative for the University of Gloucestershire. The conference is associated with the CIPR and arranged as part of the CIPR West of England regional group.

“Open to students and businesses the #AddMe Conference aims to tackle the key questions of how to create, manage and utilise relationships online. To highlight the significance of creating relationships online keeps the #AddMe Conference open to a wide range of topics.”

The conference will include 3 prominent, highly acclaimed speakers on social media. These being Aren Grimshaw, Alex Sass and David Phillips. More details about the speakers and their talks with come out over the next few days on the #AddMe Conference Website.

The event is taking place at the University of Gloucestershire, Park Campus. Location and directions can be found here.

Tickets for the event are £5.00 each and student’s tickets are discounted to £3.00 with a promotional code. Considering the speakers; an affordable amount for an amazing social media conference. Tickets can only be purchased online on the #AddMe Conference’s website. The observant of you will notice the website is actually a sub-domain of this one.paypaltree

No doubt the evening will partly play host to an embarrassingly long list of thanks to everybody who has helped me so far. There are a few people I would like to thank so far though. They would be:

  • CIPR West of England group for always being there to help.
  • Family friend, Richard Bratton, for providing me with ideas.
  • Head of Department: Media and Communications, Anne Dawson, for pushing everything forward.
  • My friend, Chris Brightwell, for being a graphic design genius.
  • 1st Year PR Student, Amy Gibson, for taking some of the weight off my shoulders by helping arrange and promote the event.
  • Drinking buddy, Jonny Orme, for being good at his degree, Digital Film Production.

If you would want to learn about social media and want to support this conference I have arranged then come along. It will be good fun!