Radio Commentary

Over the last few days I have received phone calls from various radio stations asking for my opinions on a range of subjects. Mostly associated with social media but also in relation to recent news items.

Since being involved with radio I have felt that the airways will always be somewhat associated with me. I enjoy providing commentary and opinion. I understand the trade of Journalism is a busy one with many deadlines to meet in a short amount of time. Whenever I have provided opinion I do this free of charge (although some stations like rewarding me with gifts!).

Now that I am in a full time job though I do require advanced warning of a day or two. Not only to plan calls into my schedule but to also form my own opinions on some subjects. I find it quite difficult to form a view with many other tasks to complete at the same time.

So thank you radio stations for contacting me but I will require advanced warning before going on the airwaves. I’m sure you all understand.

M x