Ed Miliband Is An Atheist

The new leader of the Labour Party is a heathen? It looks like Joseph Ratzinger’s warning against “aggressive secularism” is becoming a real threat. We shouldn’t let Atheist, Ed Miliband, anywhere near a seat of power. Just look at how moral Joseph Ratzinger’s decisions have been. Oh wait…

In an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live this afternoon Ed Miliband revealed that, “I don’t believe in God personally, but I have great respect for those people who do. Different people have different religious views in this country. The great thing is that, whether we have faith or not, we are by and large very tolerant of people whatever their view”. I understand the slenderness distilled to reveal a personal view but then, in the same fashion, to not seem bigoted by it.

Since Ed Miliband’s leadership victory it was inevitable aspects of his private life were going to come to the public’s attention. Journalists will be digging through history looking for juicy stories, rival parties will release negative stories and the Labour party will try its best to control the media fiasco. With blogs, such as this one, making that particular task impossible. Although Public Relations can release ‘news’, it is unable to control it with the same delicacy as online media creates conversation.

I respect the leaders Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband because they were brave enough to reveal a personal detachment from religion and disbelief in God. Traditionally it has been too easy in the past to admit believing in a God to the nation. In many ways society has changed, perhaps shown best by the numbers who decided to attend Mr Ratzinger’s talk. Lower numbers were caused by ticketing for a more ‘intimate experience’? Useless Vatican PR folly in my opinion, ticketing was introduced because of the inevitable lower numbers compared to 30 years ago.

This nation is becoming increasingly secular (and Islamic); admitting atheism is therefore a double edged sword.

I’m never too sure about where my political allegiances lie. However I will be focusing on Ed Miliband with great interest. I must confess that the majority of people clapping at the Labour Party against the Iraq War did annoy me. A few years ago they were in support of Tony Blair. Now they clap against the decision of the war? Was the clap also against those soldiers who died for their war? The result of their decisions during Labour’s cabinet meetings.

Although this story could just be another plot by the Labour PR team… making Ed Miliband the opposite of Tony Blair. Ed Miliband doesn’t agree with the Iraq War, does not have religious faith… how did he become Labour’s Leader? Oh yes, he got support from Trade Unions. Still, it was an extremely close fight.

Do You Feel Influenced?

Have you ever known you were being influenced by something?

As I sit in my room today I think back to the time when I entered my University as a fresher and felt an air of what could be considered a pre-business attitude. Studying Public Relations had psychologically taken me closer to the business world and I felt my own character and outlook shape shift to fit this new world mould. I felt professional.

In the same way I feel the atmosphere of working for Microsoft close in on me. Eventually I am left thinking to myself… Should I let myself be influenced by this business atmosphere?

AudioBoo Voice Over Duel

Each morning I listen to the Transport For London (TFL) platform announcements and think to myself ‘I could do that job’. In fact, the desire to be the voice of TFL is so great that it has made itself onto my “list of things to do before I die”.

I accidentally challenged my past radio companion, Ian Pinnell, to a voice over duel this evening. It seems he also dreams of becoming the TFL voice. With the power of AudioBoo he recorded me this message.

Like a red rag to a foolish bull I responded with my own TFL voice attempt, which can be found here.

What spontaneous fools Mr Pinnell and I are!

20 Tips for Blog Promotion

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on growing the traffic on my blog. This is my piece of advice for how to promote your blog online.

1. Get involved with Twitter and share your posts. Remember that this is a platform for conversation – get engaged.

2. Share all your posts through Facebook. Sometimes using a third party application like NetworkedBlogs can be good way to automate this process. Plus it allows people to subscribe through Facebook.

3. Link your blog to your LinkedIn account. Personally I use a LinkedIn WordPress widget for this process.

4. Join FeedBurner.

5. Word of mouth. Promote your blog offline to your family, friends and colleagues.

6. Include your blog’s address on your business cards.

7. Include your blog’s address on your email’s signature.

8. Invite guest bloggers to write for your blog.

9. Build up the list of bloggers on your BlogRoll.

10. Link to other blogs within your posts.

11. Submit your blog to various blog directories. I use Technorati, Blog Catalog and MyBlogLog.

12. If you’re rich you could try advertising through schemes like Google AdWords.

13. Create a Podcast and submit it to iTunes.

14. Publish articles elsewhere. I have received traffic through BBC pages and other blogs using this method.

15. Most people will scan read on the internet. Write a few posts which are short and useful.

16. Even better, write lists… people love lists.

17. Use Google Blog Search to connect with likeminded bloggers.

18. Join local social media groups and societies. There are always a few going on in each area. If you can’t find one is happening… make it happen!

19. Blog Carnival can be a good way to promote. Unfortunately a lot of these carnivals have died out in the last couple of years. Still try searching their database though.

20. Frequently write posts.

Feel free to add your own blog promotion tips in the comments section!

5 Methods To Make Your CV Stand Out

I can’t claim I know everything about CV writing but these 5 methods are my advice.

1. Include a URL to Your Blog
Writing posts to a blog concerning the industry of which you are applying to may put you miles ahead of other applicants. Whilst a CV ideally can be no longer than two pages, a blog can be constructed of hundreds of pages. A blog can be a really good way to show your employer that you have knowledge of the industry, have the ability to survive the longevity of a task but most importantly, shows your employer that you can write.

Of course a blog can be an easy gateway to find social media profiles of you which the majority of employers will check. Check those privacy settings. Ok? Good.

2. Proof Read the Bloody Thing!
I’m not going to apologise for the promiscuous word in this point as I am fed up seeing CVs littered with grammatical and spelling errors. My mum last week was reviewing CVs from candidates for a new job position. It is incredible how students bother spending time and money to get a degree and then obliterate the last hurdle by being too lazy to have several people proof read their CV.

Not only can proof reading a CV put you above another candidates who didn’t bother checking their spelling and grammar but you may find better words to use. Although make sure you don’t over complicate your vocabulary.

3. CV Template and Organisation
Remember initially your CV will only be held for a few seconds before being put in the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ pile. Make sure your CV is organised into various sections. My own CV included the headings ‘Contact Details, Professional Qualifications and Achievements, Experience’.

This is how I personally organised my CV, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use the same headings. Just make sure that your organisation of the CV is simple. Perhaps even try looking up some CV Templates. Show your employer that you made the effort.

4. Use Premium Paper
Don’t make the mistake that everything about you will be indicated upon typed letters upon the paper. Make a good first impression by printing your CV out onto premium paper. I suggest using paper 100gsm over. It might cost you a few quid more but it is a worthwhile investment.

5. Provide a Profile Picture
I know that it is quite common in the rest of Europe for an applicant to provide a picture of themselves on their CV, sometimes mandatory. In the UK providing a picture on your CV can be a controversial topic. All I know is that the CV I used to get into Microsoft used a profile picture of me standing next to the CIPR logo and my manager commented, ‘Your CV was the only one which included a picture, interesting’.

I know some people would rather not include a picture as they don’t want to get offered a job based upon their appearance. All I was concerned about was getting a job and making my CV stand out. What my profile did show my employer was that I could dress smartly. I used a profile picture on my CV, will you?

Feel free to add your own advice in the comments section.

Now an Account Manager at Microsoft

A few days ago my manager called me into one of the meeting rooms and broke the news of a team restructure. I’ve known for a while that the current structure of the team would be changing but little did I know that this would affect my role. The role of Trade Marketing which I was appointed as I joined the team in July will change as well. Instead I shall be an Account Manager for the Microsoft Media Network (MMN).

Over the next fortnight this transition will take effect. Already I have learnt quite a lot about the MMN side of the business and I must confess this move for me is exciting. In many ways this transition is paramount to a promotion, except as an Intern nothing apart from title will change.

Becoming an Account Manager is a huge leap of faith on the part of my manager and fellow team members. I will be responsible for clients and organising the implementation of online advertising across the MMN. To my knowledge a position like this is difficult to come by for an intern and I aim to be productive, useful and impressive.

Until I become fully active as an Account Manager it is difficult to predict the scale or type of my workload. It is likely that I will still be involved with Trade Marketing but at a lesser percentage compared to the work I shall be doing for the MMN team. As a Public Relations student communication skills are vital and nothing will test my skills more than actually communicating with clients.

It is difficult for me to express my gratitude in writing and in person on behalf of this opportunity. Eagerness and enthusiasm have swept over me and has left my mind in a state of shock; I can’t wait to start as an Account Manager.

Searching for a Job after University

‘You will be the lucky ones.’

Last year my lecturer told me that as I waited after class with thoughts of employment after University running through my mind. The majority of students are nervous about their job prospects after University. Students should be nervous. Whilst further education may keep the young workforce of Britain at bay for an extra 3 / 4 years, eventually this talent will need to leave the confines of University and join thousands trying to get their first step on the career ladder.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a piece of research by TotalJobs which revealed that 39.37% of graduates are now unemployed. Of those who were lucky enough to find a job only 5.78% of those jobs were graduate jobs. Whilst this doesn’t bode well initially for those wanting to pursue their studied discipline and make the most of the past three years (maybe even more depending on course), it does allow other to apply themselves in other roles that they may have not really considered, building up some experience should they choose to re-apply to graduate schemes once application time rolls around again.

An article in The Times recently discussed (I would have provided a link for this article if it wasn’t for The Times paywall… Ah well.) the necessary extra distance University students are required to go. A degree is no longer enough. You must either have adequate work experience or masters under your educational belt as well.

Despite the additional effort students are required to go after spending the time and money on their degree a survey of 1000 students this summer carried out by Spanish bank, Santander, shows that many graduates are still remaining positive in their search for jobs. As time goes on more companies are beginning to recognise the value of graduates. Companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers employee over 1000 graduates each year, this makes them the largest graduate employer in the UK.

A project which is difficult to ignore in this blog post is the side project I am currently working on at Microsoft, the Young Britain Works scheme. Microsoft aims to help students improve their job prospects by offering a range of advice through Young Britain Works; how to write a good CV, interview techniques, technological skills, etc.

With the internet to explorer, students and graduates are never too far away from advice for how to get education, experience or a full time job. Whilst searching for a job will be challenging for some University leavers – don’t lose hope. With a degree and enough work experience, a graduate has a competitive advantage over others.

Musings of a PR Student Awarded as a Top 50 Freshmen Advisor

Musings of a PR Student has recently been honored to receive eCollegeFinder.org’s Freshmen Advisor Award.  The Freshmen Advisor Award recognizes the top 50 Internet-based resources offering young students advice toward advancing their college-life experience.  By introducing students as well as parents to both the exciting and challenging trials and tribulations of beginning college Musings of a PR Student has shown its commitment to college freshmen during their transition into higher education.

The Freshmen Advisor Award commends Musings of a PR Student’s guidance for young students, highlighting the myriad of opportunities often available for students at their individual academic institutions and providing sound advice and suggestions.  To view more about this award, visit the eCollegeFinder Freshmen Advisor Award page.

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