Bing VS Google: Search Engine Results Comparison

During a spot of internet surfing I stumbled upon Bing VS Google, a website which allows direct search result comparisons between both search engines. I use a mixture of both search engines but have Bing set as my default for smartphones, notebooks and my desktop. The ability to directly compare the results of both search engines is made interesting for me due to my move from Google Search.

To test search results from Bing and Google I typed in various common searches (for my life) and viewed the outcome. These are the results:

Searched for “Recent news events”
Not a lot to compare for this search. Similar results show for both search engines. This is clarified further by the appearance of Yahoo News reaching top 3 results.

Searched for “Public Relations Professionals”
Lets see which Public Relations Professionals and Organisations know their SEO. Predictably Wikipedia is showing as the first result for both search engines but other than that the results are completely different. Notice two large PR bodies; CIPR appears for Google whilst the PRSA appears for Bing.

Searched for “Restaurants in Cheam”
Without a doubt Bing shines as the star of this search by displaying the map locations, name, address and phone numbers of local restaurants – no further click through required! Google offers the usual search results and map locations but requires the user to click further for any valuable details.

Searched for “Rather beautiful models endorsing Hornby Railways”
It was worth a try… I just like Hornby Railways and beautiful models (females of course).

Searched for “Michael White PR”
This could be the deciding factor of this search engine war. Which browser is kind to me? For this test Google seems to have won. Both search engines have listed my website as their top result but Google has far more entiries of better quality. Bing seems to have displayed lots of HTML code as the description of its first result.

Which is your favourite search engine?

Machiavellian Public Relations

It is 1513, Niccolo Machiavelli has just rested his pen on the desk after having completed his work The Prince; a book full of political ideology constructed on scientific and empirical principles. The outcome of Machiavelli’s arrest in 1512 when Medici, a political dynasty, came to power in Florence.

The Medici dynasty assisted to elect four Popes, including Pope Gregory XV, of which the phrase ‘Propaganda’ (to mean biased information) came to use during the conception of the Gutenberg Press when works were aggressively printed by the Catholic Church and the reformers as a way to propagate the faith. A sort of faith-gate.

Gutenberg’s Press began in the mid-1400’s and Niccolo Machiavelli’s book, The Prince, would have queued behind many theological works to be spread around Europe. It is due to this that The Prince is considered by some to be the first modern work of Political Philosophy. An important political masterpiece with controversial undertones but essentially a PR stunt…

The clue is found by who Mr Machiavelli decided to dedicate his book to, none other than Lorenzo II, in a bid to win favour with the Medici. It didn’t work.

At the University of Gloucestershire one of the modules deals with ethics in Public Relations. A term which holds a relative nature dependent upon the fibre of the individual. For some the only ethic is to please the client and to gain the cash. When dealing with Public Relations the ethical boundaries are often blurred between your perspectives and the company’s. A distinction often made by holding the phase ‘Machiavellian’ as a derogatory term. In our modern free-spoken society the idea that one man should lead many as a ruler, to be an ideal Prince, is a travesty. Especially when Niccolo Machiavelli’s humanist views are concerned; it seems celestial ownership is not gratified due to the lack of power this would provide the House of Medici. Considering the close ties with the Catholic Church this makes for a compelling and destructive assumption.

Taking the foundations from The Prince and marrying them to the realities of working with a PR agency is slightly out of context. The basic stance within lectures is to focus on the elements of dictatorship within The Prince. Liking such power to that of a mediator discussing events with the public.

The way in which Machiavelli blurs the boundaries between good and evil, monarch and tyranny, sets out the moral framework of the book of which The Prince holds supreme power. In true empiricist fashion an absolutist ethical framework does not exist but instead a relativism which is dictated by the one in power.

When considering Public Relations such distinctions could be made to incorporate the way in which individuals view life. Acceptance of a relativist ethical framework could allow Public Relations practitioners to choose options more suiting towards their selfish means (for example, supporting a Tobacco firm due to profits). You are said to be Machiavellian, caring only for the gain and not the larger scheme of life.

Yet saying that such things as Machiavellian ethics in Public Relations seems to miss the point of Machiavelli’s works. For The Prince, strongly worded and, in my opinion, well argued, is but one of Machiavelli’s works. Those who have read Discourses will see a liberal Machiavelli of which distorts The Prince to show its true colours, a failed method for Machiavelli to gain power from his adversaries.

So whenever I heard Machiavellian ethics being mentioned in lectures, I just remember that being called Machiavellian isn’t all that bad.

Five Money Management Tips for Students

Sufi M and his staff operate The Glaring Facts, one of the leading and densely populated websites involving psychology, media-related material, history of science, and money management. We are certain you will find something that will fascinate you.

We’ve all been there and as a student, we’re most likely thinking how badly we want our degrees so we could make tons of money; however, us students are facing a serious burden right now–how we are managing money at this very moment. Without adequate financial care, you will end up with more debt than you originally thought all contributed by needless and spontaneous money-spending. Take control of your finances right now, while you can still determine your financial future. Here, I provide tips on how you can fend off future debt during your studies.

Use Credit Cards Only in Times of Emergency:

A student with a credit card doesn’t have a good ending–debt begins to accumulate fast. This is not a good start and you’ll most likely have horrible credit if you continue using the credit card. Keep in mind that the money you spend on credit cards will need to be repaid, it cannot linger from month to month. If you save your credit card for emergency situations rather than buying the next Apple product, I guarantee you that you’ll have much less credit problems.

Ever Month’s Bill Needs to be Paid

Paying monthly, and punctually, is the most important aspect of your credit card usage. Accumulating balances and compounding them from month to month will penalize you tremendously in the form of increased interest. By paying every month, you can avoid getting into serious debt.

Pay on Time

To begin a strong credit history, every bill needs to be paid punctually. A credit history is basically a track record of how well you’ve been punctual. Creditors use this information when they need to know if you’re worthy of either a loan, or another credit card. In the future, they use this information to analyze whether they ought to give you a mortgage. So if you start paying on time right now and punctually, you’ll be avoiding a whole slew of problems down the road.

Save Your Money

As the ING’s spokesperson had once said, “Save Your Money”. Saving shouldn’t be taken so lightly. If you begin saving while you’re still doing your university studies, you can be assured that you will benefit when you’re older. You won’t get a job right away when you graduate, they say it’ll take close to 6 months before you land a job after you graduate. During this time, you could use these savings to help you finance your life. If you get into the habit of saving right now, you’ll be able to earn money from potentially investing your savings.

Do You Know What the Best Checking Accounts Are?

If you’ve answered this question with a no, then I suggest you do further research. During your research, collect information about who offers what checking account, it’s interest rates as well as its monthly fees. With that information, you can begin scouting for potentially beneficial checking accounts. If you’re lucky in your research and you find that some banks grant you a completely free checking account, jump on board and reap the benefits. You can be saving throughout your entire university career!

With this information in mind, you can progress through your university careers without the nagging feeling and worries that are better left for later rather than during your studies.

What do you want to see me write about in 2011?

Many occasions it has been suggested to me that this blog would be better equipped for growing a certain kind of audience if I were to focus this online publication on one particular subject. It is the easiest way to focus on growing an audience; for me to only write about Public Relations all the time.

Instead I am going to hand over the question to you…

What do you want to see me write about in 2011?

I can’t promise bohemia but I will give it a shot. Simply leave a comment on this blog, reply to me on Twitter or email me using my address on the Contact page.

Looking forward to reading your messages.

Not so much Christ in Christmas

“Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses? behold, now ye have heard his blasphemy.” – Matthew 26:65

Blasphemy. According to Oxford Word Histories the etymology behind ‘blasphemy’ came from the Greek blasphemos to mean ‘evil-speaking’, which came via Old French from ecclesiastical Latin blasphemare. In layman terms it is a word to be approached in the demean to only reproach a view – regarded as an unspeakable atrocity which only divides us against fellow man.

Yet only when man is truly divided can the differences be noticed. Imagine we had formed a coalition government in the UK which was actually running smoothly. The uproar that would be caused.

“How is that these two entirely unique parties can work so well together? Aren’t they meant to be unique?”

Tangential as politics may seem to the subject of religion, they are in some ways the same thing. Let’s take evangelism as an example; Christians and MPs alike will knock on doors and use loudspeakers in the streets. Essentially the subject isn’t religion or politics but instead the prospect that perhaps humans enjoy spreading their ideas around.

Think of it as an evolutionary disciple built into our essence; most of us would like to leave something behind once we die. Whether this is in the form of offspring or an idea. Whilst our bodies may decay into the vitamins or minerals needed to sustain the planet’s eco-system, our legacy will live on. Something comparable to that…

So rejoicing at the idea of unity at Christmas seems somewhat deceiving or at least delusional. Widely celebrated but carries connotations dependent upon your own beliefs. For me Christmas is a time for family and giving. Nothing more or less. I suppose I shouldn’t really be celebrating Christmas but instead the Winter Solstice, not so much Christ in Christmas. Yet on Christmas morning I shall be with my Christian family celebrating in Church. For Christians Christmas is a birthday party for Jesus; I can respect that.

Yet isn’t the widely celebrated Christmas I know, the scramble to the shops or online stories, a form of blasphemy? This isn’t that timid Christian festival seen through the works of Charles Dickens, it is a retail brawl. Yet, I don’t care.

I really don’t care. Christmas is a good time of year. It generates revenue, keeps the world spinning.

There we go. Not too sure what inspired this blog post. Probably the never ending argument over the meaning of Christmas, assisted by patronising words of a vicar who seems to have the most forgetful and hypocritical flock.

Expert in Bullshit (Social Media)

From time to time I get the opportunity to introduce my online self to the people of Twitter in the real world. No matter where you are in the country there is almost certainly some sort of incarnation of Tuttle Club – bringing online users together for business deals, local networking and eventful pleasures.

As time goes on it has become clear that the validity of social media has become a business communication method which is in dire need of industry regulation.

It also comes down to the term ‘Social Media Expert’, a self-proclaimed title which can mean a lot to a Twitter profile. This title is only 19 Characters long (spaces are counted) but proposes a massive misrepresentation for the sharp growth of social media. To become a Social Media Expert it is only necessary for a user to write it in their profile. No more, no less. Once written that is your new title. You can be referred to as a Social Media Expert, or any variation thereof. You would think that to be justified as an expert would mean some sort of qualification in Social Media, perhaps a degree in Marketing, Public Relations or Advertising. A back catalog of experiences ranging from local to multinational campaigns.

Nope – Social Media Expert stands alone as one of those titles which just doesn’t make any sense…

Yet there are those who are worthy of such a title. Some individuals really do understand communication theory and traditional marketing technics to take full advantage of Social Media. I fear most just siphon information from Mashable to fuel their imaginary expert status. For those who are worthy of being a Social Media Expert, their image is tainted by those who are not up to scratch.

Essentially Social Media is a field of online communication which, in my view, stands as a direct evolution of traditional Public Relations. The cynical may call Public Relations spin, an industry which certainly isn’t flattered by the lights of its past. Social media makes up for the industries past shortfall.

Traditional Public Relations incorporates a mediator into the line of communication, mostly a one-way affair:

Modern Public Relations (ePR, Social Media, Digital Communication, PR 2.0, etc) removes the mediator and allows a platform for two-way communication:

I understand these models are basic in every sense of the phrase “communication theory 101”. What the models show though is a basic evolution of Public Relations. The fact that Social Media is Traditional Public Relations but in Web 2.0 form. It is therefore critical that the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) introduces a qualification for a practitioner which gives reassurance to organisations that the person they have hired truly is a Social Media Expert. If a Social Media Campaign is run by a cowboy then the negative impact could be disastrous.

Make no mistake. Social Media is a two-way form of communication, often balanced in the user’s favour. Social Media isn’t just about playing with follower/following amounts, the given amount of likes on a certain Facebook Page or even the levels of engagement (if such a thing can truly be measured). Instead Social Media Practitioners are given direct access to a user’s heart and can affect their relationship with a brand directly. You wouldn’t let a builder perform a surgical operation, don’t give your social media campaign to a cowboy.

So how can we sort out the pros from those who are better titled ‘Expert in Bullshit’? The answer is regulation.

Good Luck New CIPR Student Representatives!

I fear to fast forward DVDs due to the lack of time which has descended upon my life. Time is running so quickly. Before I knew it I had started working for Microsoft and as of writing this I have almost spent 6 months working for this gigantic organisation. At the same time Christmas has almost sat its fat arse on my fairly scrooge-like demean and come January my age will +1.

Miss @Jeannyfar, you are lucky. Who knows? You might be older or younger than I but you have so much ahead. Jealousy shrouds my face as I know you are one of the new CIPR Rep batch, the batch which has rendered my ‘CIPR Rep 2009/2010’ on my blog useless. You are the fresh ones with new ideas.

When I became a CIPR Student Representative for the University of Gloucestershire I remember visiting the CIPR’s meeting rooms in Russell Square, London and immediately being filled with doubt.The majority of those in the room seemed to be post-graduate. Perhaps that was my advantage? Being an undergraduate I had all the more time to focus on fulfilling my duties of being a CIPR Representative. Students had travelled as far as Scotland to London for this CIPR Student Representative briefing… that shows determination. I just had a train and tube to catch.

I admit I didn’t win the competition – I was a runner up. The fact I had broken one of the CIPR Rep’s rules concerning event management didn’t help. Yet I had already secured my placement at Microsoft which rendered the brilliant BioMed placement useless as a prize for me. Congratulations to Tara Cronin for being CIPR Student Representative of the Year 2009/2010. She deserves it. I remember meeting her and seeing a student who was clearly brilliant and true to herself.

Because you know what? The world stinks of professionalisms. Disgust fills me with the aroma of my cat’s litter tray which I see young people acting professional. It doesn’t seem right. Especially when their act is clearly unveiled through Facebook pictures. It is still possible to show honesty and intellect without having a stiff upper lip; heard of Chrisma? I can get away with Received Pronunciation (RP), I’m from Surrey. Don’t fake it. Be true to who you are.

Oh Hell I would murder to have that year back…

I wouldn’t change anything.

So that must be some indication of happiness. Time may have sped along but I can see with my hand on my heart that I wouldn’t change anything I did. Nothing. Not with my past CIPR Student Rep role or any mistakes I have made over the last 11 months – I have learnt from them all. Any new relationships made still exist in some capacity and career wise things couldn’t have worked out better.

I suppose they call my smug kind the blessed. If I were a Christian I would put my good fortune down to Jesus but alas each step made has been done through my own intuition so far. If you ever want to nurse a particular ability then recognise once you have stepped into situations.

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have” – Thomas Jefferson

I am lucky beyond my wildest expectations. At the same time I understand the balance of life is delicate. With a snap of some event my world could very easily be turned upside down. Take nothing for granted and enjoy every moment.

As I have mentioned in a previous post I have no grand plan in life. There is no master secret. In the past I have been accused of being a ‘yes’ man which actually harms integrity. It is impossible to agree to every project but I make my damn hardest to recognise when an opportunity falls close by. If anything a guaranteed success to life is to be humble and help others. Much of my involvement in and outside of University has been referred by friends and colleagues – with the exception of Microsoft which was done through the usual intern application channels.

Yet it is possible to travel too quickly through life. Decisions need to be made which are tough in nature. No matter how inspiring projects may seem the days rarely clock over 24 hours long. The tightrope walk of “Jack of all trades and master of none” is a risk. There is no use of being a global cowboy if this path only harms your ‘brand’ (Just look at Stuart Baggs THE BRAND… urgh).

So again, congratulations to the new CIPR Student Representatives for being nominated and I hope your new roles go well. I will look forward to seeing who the next winner will be.

M xx

PS. Some past, present CIPR Representatives and others involved with paraphernalia can be found in THIS Twitter list.